Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Tell if Your Chicken Eggs are Fertile

Got hens a-laying? Got a rooster a-crowing? Want to know if your rooster is “doing his job” and making the eggs your hens are laying, fertile?

It’s really quite simple once you know what you are looking for… and if you are middle-age or beyond… if you have some good reading glasses!

Egg #1

(Photo courtesy Aoxa / Justine L.)

Egg #2

Can you see the difference?
Egg #1

 Egg #2
(Click for larger images)

As you can see, egg #1 has what appears to be a bulls eye while egg #2 has more of a period.

If the egg has a bulls-eye, your rooster is hitting his mark and your egg is fertile. If the egg has a period... it is not fertile.

* Hens can lay fertile eggs about 2 days after first mating with a rooster and for up to 3 weeks after being exposed to a rooster. If you want to hatch pure bred eggs from a certain pairing, be sure your hen hasn't been bred to any other rooster over the 3 weeks prior to collecting eggs. While eggs may be fertile only 2 days after first breeding with a rooster, it can take longer to start getting fertile eggs from the pair.


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