Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gnarly Bunch - 11/11/2012 Update with Before and After Photos!

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Here are some pics of the Gnarly Bunch taken today... just the ones that I've noticed have made more progress in the past couple of weeks:

Raggedy Ann at 1 week and Raggedy Ann today at around 7 weeks out of the bad place.

The Partridge Rock hen, Mildred, at 1 week and Mildred today.

This is Black Betty, a BA mutt, not of my original flock and I'm not sure of her age. She is still in molt in this pic but showing more gloss and feathering here today.  I've been kind of worried that she would be my next cull as her feathers have been looking dull and separated for a bit, but they are starting to take on some fullness and gloss just this week.  I'll keep watching her.   

By now you all are pretty familiar with the pic of Middle Sister at 1 week... it's pitiful even yet to look upon it. And here she is at 7 wks out, a little dirty but still looking great.  Take a look at those feet!  She is moving and looking like she isn't in pain any longer, holds herself tall and proud and her eyes are sharp and bright.  Most combs are still pale but I'm taking that as the time of year... legs and beaks have brightened up in color and feathers are in high gloss.   

I still can't get over how pretty and filled out Mildred is at 7 wks so I'm putting a another picture of her in here... completely different looking bird.  Solid and fully feathered. 

Click HERE to see the beginning of this amazing story!

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